"TEMA IV assists small-to-medium sized businesses in the aerospace and defense sector create winning proposals, develop reliable product designs, execute effective project management and improve internal processes for model-based enterprise strategies."
— Product and Project Engineering —

TEMA IV provide clients:

  • Over one-and-a-half decades of mechanical design experience in the aerospace and defense sectors, specializing in ergonomic controls and interfaces.

  • Experience in aircraft and vehicle component design and system integration.

  • Expert advice for proven design methods to meet aerospace and DoD standards.

  • Practical solutions for engineering design challenges using precision machining, injection molding, castings, sheet metal, and adaptive manufacturing.

  • Project management experience spanning from the proposal phase to product launch.

  • Lower risk, higher value responses to the your customer's RFQ /RFI's.

  • A valuable team member excited to collaborate with your organization.

— The Digital Thread: Process and Procedures —

TEMA IV can help companies using Solidworks or Creo to develop strategies, write processes, and select hardware and software tools to implement a digital framework using 3D CAD data.

3D CAD forms the core of a model-based enterprise. The digitization created to work in a model-based enterprise is an essential part of Industry 4.0.

The use of the 3D CAD model as the authoritative source of data for all production operations is the key to manufacturers increasing speed to market. Direct access to 3D data by purchasing, quality, manufacturing, suppliers, and customers decreases task time and project risk through automation and increases quality by reducing errors in goods produced.

Businesses must embrace model-based enterprises using their digital data to excel in competitive markets. Businesses can develop digital strategies with guidance from TEMA IV to execute practical, secure and profitable digital implementations.

— Part Modeling and Drawings —

Design or production environments using Solidworks can rely up on TEMA IV as a resource for the creation of accurate part and assembly files. TEMA IV can:

  • Provide the models for detailed part and assembly drawings.

  • Supply drawings per ASME Y14.100-2000/MIL-STD-100G as adopted by your company.

  • Incorporate part and assembly file model-based definition data using DimXpert.

  • Leverage best practices for the Solidwork CAD environments to make the checking, re-use, and revising  of models easy for your design authority.

— Qualification Quoting, Supervision, and Execution —

TEMA IV can work with your  qualification and HALT/HASS testing group to provide on-site witnessing, data collection, and execution supervision during product testing.  TEMA IV has experience quoting, developing, and executing most MIL-STD-810 and RTCA DO-160 test requirements.

TEMA IV can work with your cognizant engineer to develop and build the qualification test fixtures necessary for your project.

Procedure Creation and Report Writing

Reports conforming to the data item descriptions in a CDRL/SDRL have three characteristics: 1) the writing is tedious, 2) the task is boring, 3) and the effort is time consuming. Many of the report details required by your customers will stretch the capabilities of a technical writer. Yet the same reports distracts the engineering team from core development activities.

TEMA IV can off-load report and procedure writing from your engineering team with years of experience writing from acceptance test procedures to detailed FAA qualification procedures. TEMA IV can also provide the resource for your project to collect and categorize data into finished reports.