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TEMA IV, LLC is the vehicle for my consultancy since 2016 providing over 20 years of technical experience to businesses producing tangible goods. I have had the benefit of very diverse career experiences after my college graduation. I have experience in regulatory and market monitoring and enhancing technical prowess in the automotive service sector. The second half of my career dealt with design and project management in the aerospace and defense sector. My efforts included both civilian and military applications in domestic and international settings.

I can offer a client a good set of engineering and project management skills. As an honest man, I have to admit I don’t know everything. I am able to offer a client only my best skills. Through a network of associations,  I work with other skilled professionals to create a matrix of the best talent (e.g. metrology, advanced GD&T, cyber security, MRP integration, Creo best practices, etc.) to achieve a complete solution for a client.

It will cost you nothing to talk to me about your current needs or to find out if I am a good resource for your upcoming tasks.


William Lail